Locum Doctors

Locum DoctorsWhether you are a Locum Doctor doing sessional or salaried work, we provide a service tailored to your needs.

Accountancy and taxation services

  • We offer a full range of accountancy and taxation services to ensure your financial accounts are prepared on a timely basis and your taxation returns are submitted to the Revenue Commissioners.
  • For locum doctors operating through corporate entities we can advise you of your VAT liabilities.
  • We will keep you advised of tax reliefs and taxation planning opportunities to ensure your income tax liabilities are minimised.
  • We can predict potential tax liabilities to assist with your cash-flow planning.

Specialist services

  • We offer expert advice on the organisational and financial matters to consider when presented with a partnership opportunity. We can carry out a review of the practice accounts and estimate your earning potential.
  • We prepare draft Heads of Agreement which form the basis of partnership agreements thereby reducing your legal fees.
  • We can provide expert analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of expense sharing agreements.
  • In conjunction with selected pension and insurance advisors we can offer taxation planning to ensure you are making best use of pension schemes and income protection.
  • In the event of a Revenue audit we can carry out a review of your previous taxation returns.